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Safarimo is a unique board game designed for both kids and adults.Let's check its unique features!



The game board, with its cloth made from soft-touch fabric material, will give you an unforgettable experience.

We hope you will be happy to

  • place it on your shelf ➛ plain design

  • take it away to everywhere ➛ user friendly size

The box contains;

  • 1 x tailormade soft -touch cloth game board.

  • 12 x button shaped pawn with six color options.

  • 1x king snake colored dice


1- Select the 'Game Mode' before start. 'Single Pawn' or 'Multi-Pawn'

Single pawn mode (Basic): Each player plays with 1 pawn. It is more basic compared to multi-player mode and provides less strategic attemps. If you are playing with a kid under 6 years old, it's better to choose single pawn mode. 


Each player controls 1 pawn.

Adsız tasarım (1).png

Multi-pawn mode (Advanced): Each player controls more than 1 pawn. Much more alternative moves, combinations and strategy. CLICK HERE FOR MORE PAWN DISTRIBUTION !

Adsız tasarım (1).png

Each player controls 2 pawns.

More pawns for 2-3 player mode! CLICK HERE

2- Start Point and the Route

Start Safarimo from the point where the Toucan bird is!

  • After choosing the game mode, select your pawn

  • Players roll dice to determine the player order; lowest throw of the dice starts. Thus the player who highest throw of the dice, gets the "Safarimo Lock" advantage.

  • Pawns move in a clockwise direction according to the dice rolled.

The checkpoint next to the toucan bird is the first box counted when starting the move according to the number of dice rolled:

Ekran Resmi 2022-05-20 12.01.41.png
Adsız tasarım (1).gif

3- OBJECTIVE of the Game: Finish the Safari First = Reach the Safari Hat First!

The first player who finishes the safari route first (=who reaches to the safari hat first), wins the game. But don't forget to enjoy the trip! Feed the animals, take photos and be careful!

  1. From the starting point of safari route, track the route on the clockwise

  2. Move the pawns(s) using the appropriate strategy according to the guidelines below.

  3. Finish route first to win the game!

Remember: On multi-pawn mode; your all pawns must complete the route (=reach to safari hat) to finish the game.


4- The "Safarimo Lock" and Functions of the Circles

With the unique "Safarimo Lock" function you can lock the other player/s and get ahead of them! Be careful, you could get locked too. When you get to the lock box, if there are other player/players in that circle, you can lock all player/s pawns by putting your pawn on them ➛ the locking pawn is on all pawns

When you are locked:

  • For single pawn mode: You can't move, you need to wait for the pawn which locked you to move

  • For multi pawn mode: If any pawn locked, locked pawn can not be moved, you can move your other pawns. If your all pawns are locked, the next player has to move his/her pawn to unlock you.

safarimo lock.png

The yellow pawn locked by the red pawn, can not be moved

safarimo lock (1).gif

Watch the "Safarimo Lock"

Throw the dice and move as many times as the rolled dice ➛ you can see the explanation of the box you landed on below;

safarimo lock.png

The lock circle (gray): As described above, you LOCK the other player if other player already there or you are locked if any other player move his/her pawn to same circle when you are there.


The blue circle: You are on the SAFE area. No locking can happen here.


The green circle: Great! You fed an animal or took its photo! Move your pawn FORWARD as same number of dots in the circle. 


The pink circle: You are so close to the animal and you mad it angry! Move your pawn BACK as same number of dots in the circle. If your new position where you are moving back is the "Safarimo Lock" circle and there are other pawns in that circle, your pawn will be placed at the bottom and locked by the other pawn(s).


The red circle: You are attacked by the wild animal. RETURN to the nearest checkpoint. If you come across the same wild animal for the second time, you do not need to return to the checkpoint.


The checkpoint: If you are attacked by the wild animal, return to the nearest CHECKPOINT back. 


The spider web: You got caught in the spiderweb. Pass your next turn to next player (WAIT 1 turn)


The dice circle: Throw the DICE AGAIN. If you are playing in the multi-pawn mode, you can move any of your pawns in your second move.


Change direction: If you come to the change direction circle, you can CHANGE your ROUTE to avoid the tiger attack, the choice is yours. But you have to decide before you roll your next dice. Safarimo Lock also applies to this circle.


Play dead: If you wish, you can PRETEND TO BE DEAD to avoid being attacked by the bear. But before you roll your next dice, you must decide. In this case, you change your route, but you must wait 1 turn. Safarimo Lock also applies to this circle.


The Safarimo Hat: You WON! The first player to reach the Safarimo hat wins the game. On multi-pawn mode; your all pawns must reach to Safarimo hat to finish the game.

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